U.S. Joint Detention Group

U.S. Joint Detention Group

A number of real art ideas are involved in this entirely not-a-real-thing that is actually-a-real-thing. What? Yes.

There's a bit to unwrap here:

United States Joint Task Force Guantanamo (JTF GTMO), Joint Detention Group is a real thing; as a real thing it has a real logo which happens to be a total downer, so;
instead of using it I created a new one that looks i-ficial, because; it has a bad ass Merchant Marine eagle (a real thing), with; the bird clutching a lit joint because eagles like to smoke (one can only assume by their raspy voices), and; lots of folks just think the bird is on a perch and don't notice the joint so it's kind of low key, plus;
'merica 'n' stuff!

Why a Merchant Marine eagle? Because the eagle sells weed. That's the Merchant aspect.

Remember, if a cop asks you then tell them the cartoon eagle is holding a tobacco cigarette. Look at yourself in the mirror and say it until you convince yourself it's the truth. Then say it again.

CVC Jersey: 60% combed ringspun cotton / 40% polyester
Slightly heathered
Fabric laundered for reduced shrinkage
Rib-knit set-in collar
Tear-away label
Printed in Scottsdale, Arizona