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Victoria Era-style Apothecary Signage Poster

Image of Victoria Era-style Apothecary Signage Poster


BEST SELLER SINCE 2014! This is from the original artist. Please don't buy the bootleg version from Etsy! Stealing is wrong!

17"x11" full-color, full-bleed poster on glossy card stock. FREE SHIPPING!

HESH ONE SEZ: "I created this Victorian era -inspired Apothecary poster to give your home or retail location a throwback to the days when traditional herbal 'powders & elixirs' and 'tonics & tinctures' were created with pride by local druggists. The distressed, aged look gives your space a sense of history and authenticity. Carefully researched advertising copy further adds to the antique feel while also displaying that you are practicing a time-honored craft with confidence and care. Vector art and text ensures lines are as crisp as possible and pop from the page."

Please contact me for international orders as additional shipping costs are incurred.

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