Hesh One is a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation currently living in Ardmore, Oklahoma by way of Austin, Texas and San Diego, California. As an established professional graphic designer in the concert touring industry he has spent the last 30 years creating advertising to encourage people to go to concerts. All the while he is also an advocate of cannabis.

The name Hesh comes from being a tagger in San Diego in the early 1990s. Hesh was taken from Hesher, a nickname for stoners. Hesh started writing his name on stuff around 1992-93 and put out a demo as Hesh One in 1994. Hesh One created electronic music from 1994 through 2008 and has been producing visual art as Hesh One the entire time.

After years of making art for clients Hesh decided to switch gears in 2021 and produce art for a line of cannabis-centric t-shirts for himself. Using 2020 time-off to create his own t-shirts a friend suggested selling them. Using bold graphics to convey love for the flowering plant, Hesh has created a strong line of shirts to wear when you want to rock something unique and limited edition.

Shirts are created in small batches and will be in limited runs. If you like something cop it before it goes out of production. Designs may come and go with the seasons.

Tag @superheshone on the socials and win a prize or my eternal gratitude, depending.

050421 : 042721 : 030421