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Ebolalbondigas® Campbell's Soup Can 11x17 Limited Edition Poster


DESCRIPTION: 11"x17" full-color poster on glossy card stock.

HESH ONE SEZ: "Campbell's Ebolalbondigas® Soup is not only delicious Albondigas like abuela used to make it's also fortified with the blood plasma of an Ebola survivor to naturally build up your immune system to the virus du jour. Yum!. Ebolalbondigas® is a vector illustration remix of Andy Warhol's famous Campbell's Soup Can series of screen prints. Put this poster in a frame and hang it in your kitchen! Hand signed by the artist. Limited edition of 50. Add one can of water."

Please contact me for international orders as additional shipping costs are incurred.

Not a real food product. No rights given or implied.

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